The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Website

The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Website

The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Website

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We’re living in a mobile era. Ever since the first users’ view of a mobile site on a smartphone, the benefits of mobile-friendly website design have been discussed and re-discussed. While earlier there were certain limitations of mobile optimization for certain web pages, such as the size of a text or logo-rich background image, today’s mobile-friendly sites can work well across a wide range of mobile devices. 


A common question is: “How do I make my site mobile-friendly?” Well, the answer lies in a few basics tips! Here are several tips and tricks that you can use to make your website appear more compact and mobile-friendly.

Having a mobile-friendly website will allow your company to be accessible to all users, regardless of what type of device they’re using

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In a nutshell, responsive design is all about ensuring that the layout of a web page changes according to the type of device that a user is using. In other words, a user’s view of a page does not change irrespective of whether they view it on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. You can also take advantage of responsive website design, which makes your site respond to the changing mobile market and adapt to the various screen sizes of various mobile devices.


Mobile-friendly websites load faster than non-mobile friendly sites

Another important factor to consider is your website’s load speed. There are two major factors affecting how fast a web page loads. The first one is the image quality; the other one is your page’s content. High-quality images, JavaScripts, and Flash-based animations will load much faster than plain texts and images. Thus, you should make your mobile-friendly versions have high-quality images, JavaScript, and animated or interactive elements to ensure that users don’t have to wait too long for your website to load.


A mobile-friendly website can increase conversion rates by up to 30% due to its convenience, simplicity, and ease of use

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Making your website mobile responsive will increase your conversion rate because it increases your engagement with your visitors. This in turn will lead to increased sales and traffic. You will maximize your click-through rates (CTR) and have conversions because users will be more attracted to your responsive design.

Easier navigation when scrolling through pages, which reduces the chance of getting lost

Building mobile-friendly websites usually involve taking into consideration factors such as font size, colors, line spacing, table arrangement, and other factors that make it more convenient for mobile devices to access a website. 

People using mobile devices can access your content without problems, they can view the content from different areas, and they can perform multitasking tasks at the same time. In addition, a mobile-friendly site is more user-friendly because all the buttons, menus, and other elements are accessible using tap-able and gesture-based gestures, which are much easier for the users. 


Google penalizes websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices

Google has announced that its new algorithm will only show the most mobile-friendly websites in search results, which is an improvement for their users, but also a huge blow to anyone who hasn’t already improved the screen real estate of their website for mobile devices. 


Mobile-ready web design is more than about shrinking your favorite desktop site to fit on a teeny phone screen. Your website has to be useful on that tiny screen, with easy navigation and page layouts that work well with fingers or thumbs – not just the scrolling wheel on the mouse. Imagine how sad it would feel to have your menu buttons too close together, shrunken text size, and impossibly small icons – but all the functionality you need is still there! That’s what happens when your site is not mobile-friendly. If you need help boosting the aesthetic appeal and usability of your website especially for mobile users, then contact WJJ Brands today!

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