Social Media Marketing Services


We create, optimize and manage social media accounts that helps you build a successful social media presence.

Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise business, we can help you market your brand’s products or services on social media websites and/or social networks. Ultimately helping you reach new customers, engage with existing ones, and promote your brand’s desired culture, mission, or tone.


Important Points

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Increased brand awareness

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Set your brand apart from your competitors


Build a community of supporters

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Drive more traffic and sales to your business


Reach your ideal target audience

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Increase Search Engine Ranking


Our Social Media Process

01. Review All the information on this page
On this page, we have provided you with the information needed to get you started and give you an idea of what type of social media services you may need. Please review so that you can come prepared with any questions you may have for us during your consultation call with us.
02. Schedule a strategy call with us - timeline; deposit
The initial business consultation is a complementary 30 minutes virtual strategy call that is structured to give us the opportunity to answer any questions that you may have after reading through our services and process. This will also help us as well as yourself identify if we are a good fit for your brand.
03. Evaluate the Brand
During our strategy call, we learn more about you and your business; your vision, needs, process, short-term & long-term goals and your budget. This is important for us, so that when we continue to the next phases, we bear what is important to you in mind, without going over your desired budget.
04. Complete Social Media Questionnaire
Once we agree on the budget, we will send you our social media services questionnaire for you and your team to complete. This questionnaire will provide us with the necessary information needed to identify your brand objectives, social media needs, target audience, style & feel, how often you require the specific service from us (for example: post on social media platforms 5 times a week), and establish an appropriate timeline/schedule. Alongside the questionnaire, tools like style tiles, moodboards, and element collages can help with this process if you have any.
05. Conduct Market Research
We would like to believe that all our clients/potential clients have done an in depth market research and in included it in their business plan . However, we also like to do our own soft research on your specific industry to determine what is currently out there, what makes you unique to your competitors, who are your ideal target audience(s) and what their likes & dislikes are. From there, we determine the goals and overall feel & layout of the social media services.
06. Identify The Best Social Media Platform
Knowing which social media platform to develop your brand on will make a difference on how many of your target audience/customers you successfully reach. What do we mean by this? Each social media platform caters to its own specific demographic, that may be a pro or con to what you are trying to achieve. This is another reason why we ask so many questions about your business in the first step. Some platforms also have really great tools integrated in them that help with optimizing your website and linking them to all your social media platforms.
07. Mockup Design
Based on the confirmed vision for your social media account(s), our soft market research and the completed questionnaire, we create the design and content for your page(s). Depending on which social media services you go with, this may include banner graphics, profile images and additional content/description, along with hashtags creation.
08. Refine the mockup design
Using the feedback we receive from you, we make the appropriate modifications to get the social media account to its final stages.
09. Testing
By now, you are happy with the social media mockup, you are excited to launch, but you may want to test the market before investing a ton on paid ads. How does this work? Based on which service you selected, we will run an A/B test on the top 2 designs you love and see which one performs the best prior to officially posting 1 on your social media account.
10. Launch
Once we have run an A/B test on the top 2, and gotten the results on which of the two gained more traction, we begin implementing the content on the social media accounts. If you chose a package that does not require a test, then once the refined mockup design is approved, it’s time to launch!


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