Elise Legacy Program


Wendell Jean-Jules expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur.

Group of colleagues

Despite the challenges faced in his early years, he was able to maintain a positive attitude and dedication to his personal journey leading him into the path as a Serial Entrepreneur and living in his purpose of using his personal experiences and corporate expertise to help other entrepreneurs, businesses, and empower aspiring entrepreneurs through the ‘ELP’ initiative. ‘ELP’ stands for the ‘Elise Legacy Program’ and was named after his late mother Ms. Elise Buon.

After losing his mother in 2005 at a very young age, Wendell knew he felt extremely lost, but he did not quite know how to process such grief. Thankfully, he had a great support system within his small family and at school. He was honoured to have been introduced to a gentlemen’s club, that helped mentor young boys at his high school on transitioning from boys to being men and overcoming challenges as adolescents.

Here, Wendell learnt many valuable lessons about perseverance, living in one’s purpose, and being given a chance in life. After graduating from high school, he realized how challenging starting a new business was without the right resources, but with the support from people who believed in him, he was able to achieve his goals, including graduating from the prestigious Northeastern University with a BA in entrepreneurship and marketing. All this fueled his passion for giving back to those with humble beginnings like himself.


Ms. Elise Buon was an inspiration, hard working, and a philanthropist in her own right.

With the help of clients and donations, Wendell and his wife, Tolu created ELP to honor Ms Buon’s legacy by providing young entrepreneurs each year an opportunity to better their chances at success. The opportunities available to recipients each year will be largely influenced by the sales from our for-profit ‘WJJ Brands’, and contributions from our supporters. 10% of all profits will go towards the ‘ELP’ initiative, whilst your contributions will further the work at hand.


For The recipients includes but are not
limited to the following:

Business plan development

A laptop for business or educational purposes

Business Rebrand

10 paid counseling sessions with a therapist

Guidance and funding to register business

Guidance with college applications

Tolu Wendell ELP

Letter from President and CEO

We feel extremely fortunate to be able to support the efforts of young aspiring entrepreneurs. Why? Because the community we have built through our several business ventures have consistently dedicated their time, expertise and financial support to those who need it the most.

This philanthropic spirit cannot be found just anywhere. We understand that it is something nonprofit organizations such as Elise Legacy Program must treasure – and also harness. When we unite our efforts toward common goals, we can help thousands of young people grow and thrive.

At ELP. we understand that life can be hard, and childhood traumas can set the cause for an individual’s life, that is why with every client that books a service through our for-profit company ‘WJJ Brands’, we are able to invest a percentage of the profit into a young entrepreneur’s future using a more holistic approach. ‘ELP’ will not only provide recipients business opportunities, we also care about the person as a whole, as we understand that our chances at success has many contributing factors such as our socio-economic backgrounds, our mental health, and our physical abilities.

Thanks to the overwhelming support we have received thus far from our community, we have been able to support 1 young entrepreneur within our first year of launching the program. As a result, they have been able to create a brand identity for their business, grow their social media, and start earning an income; all which has been able to meet their basic needs and lifted them into independence and stability.

These achievements set us apart from other brand marketing and business development agencies. Supporters like you have helped us create a stronger, more united community. But as we commence on another year of investing in our young people, we want you to know that our work isn’t any less urgent. The job has just begun, the prospect of succeeding is nowhere near being felt by all young aspiring entrepreneurs. Local, national and international nonprofit programs are working tirelessly to address young people’s needs, but they can’t do it alone. And neither can we. ELP needs your support, however small you may think it is.

We are excited to deepen our relationships with existing clients and sponsors, whilst we also establish new ones, because we are confident that great things will happen in the coming year when we work together. Because of you, our schools will be better as more students will be ready to learn. Our neighborhoods will be safer as more young adults will make a productive living. Our economy will be stronger as more entrepreneurs are being born. And our individual communities will be a brighter, more welcoming place, because more young people will be living in their purpose and full potential.

Thank you for the role you play in our efforts to lift up our young adults. As we continue on our journey, we are honored that you have chosen to join us as a partner, supporter and friend.


Tolu Jean-Jules (President) and Wendell Jean-Jules (CEO)