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We develop and deliver high quality graphic design services that enhances the image and messaging your brand is aiming to portray.

A great vision, no matter the industry, starts with effective design. We know that any graphic work linked to a brand has the power to influence the success of the business. So we make it our priority to get to know your brand identity.


Important Points

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Establish a brand identity

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Build trust and credibility


Laying foundation for brand strategy

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Tell Your Story


Setting you apart in your industry


Our Graphic Design Services

A logo aids in promoting public identification and recognition. It speaks to what a business is aiming to achieve. Different types of logos: A good logo will highlight a brand’s vision, mission and value. There are different types of logos and the decision of which type to go with is dependent on the overall vision and message of your brand.
Business cards help individuals and businesses connect with their potential target audience, so even when you leave, they’re left with a lasting impression of your brand. Business cards are great for events and networking.
Fliers, Posters and Leaflets are interlinked, and are all forms of print marketing/marketing collaterals used for wide distribution of information in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. They range from one page to numerous pages. A typical flier, poster or leaflet will have a combination of words and infographics.
Brand guidelines are a necessity for every business, it is the blueprint to every brand and sets precedence to every design element of your business. Every logo we design comes with a complimentary brand guide. However, we provide this as a separate service for those who may already have a brand identity, but do not have a brand guide.
The presentation of digital and physical products affect how you attract people to your business and how they will perceive your brand. Different types of merchandize: Apparel, Postcards, Stickers, Books, Giveaways, etc.


Step By Step

01. Evaluate the Brand
In the first step of your graphic design process, we take time to learn more about your vision, needs and business model.
02. Conduct Market Research

We research the specific industry that your business services; who your ideal target audience is and what your potential customers like and dislike. We also identify some potential competitors and draw in your unique strengths and differences.

03. Identify Graphic Placement

Knowing where the graphic work will be used (i.e. websites, business cards, apparel) will influence the size, feel and message portrayed in the design. 

04. Mockup Design

After compiling the research and project brief, we design a full sample to present to you for feedback and changes.

05. Refine the mockup design

Once we receive your feedback, we make the appropriate modifications to get the design to its final staged

06. Finalize the Design

Once the graphic design is approved, we will provide you with a folder of the final design.


Graphic Design Packages

Custom Logo Essentials Package

Brand Starter Package

Deluxe Brand Package


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