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Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing Funnel

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What is the purpose of a social media marketing funnel? A social media marketing funnel is a way of keeping your social marketing efforts going in the best direction. In today’s online marketplace, more companies are opting for online marketing through social platforms. To ensure that your company gets to the top of search engine results through these social sites, you need to understand how you can integrate this into your overall marketing strategy.



Social Media Awareness

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This stage refers to the stage where you have taken note of the popularity of your brand and what consumers think about it. You can reach out to your existing customers through various ways such as social networking sites. In this stage, you can ask them questions or even provide answers to their queries or concerns. For example, you may add a blog post to your existing website explaining how you could help your loyal customers.



After knowing what your loyal customers want, you need to take some steps to ensure that they will trust you. One effective way to start with your social media marketing campaign is by writing articles that are related to your niche and submitting them to various article directories. Another way is by sharing blog posts relevant to your niche on various social media sites. Lastly, you can tweet the links to your articles and blog posts whenever possible.



Social Media Conversion

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Once you get the trust of your audience, you can now move on to the next step which is conversion. You can use various methods to convert your audience into buyers. Some of the methods include email marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and online ads. Other marketers use pay-per-click campaigns. Whatever the methods used, you must be able to form a good relationship with your audience and convince them to purchase the products that you are marketing.



The final stage in the funnel contains the stage of advocacy. This is the longest one because it requires thorough nurturing of the customers. This is the only way to ensure that the customers will buy your product. Brand advocates work hard at convincing their audience that the brand that they have launched is the best brand in the market.


The Goal of Social Media Marketing Funnel

So what exactly is the goal of a social media marketing campaign? Your ultimate goal is to build a loyal customer base that trusts your brand and what it stands for. The stages of a social media marketing funnel can vary greatly from business to business and even from expert to expert. In spite of this, the core pattern always follows a very similar pattern. That pattern allows marketers to see what is popular and what is not. This enables them to focus on what people want to hear and what they don’t want to hear. 


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